Making pomegranate molasses - Dahab Atiq

Making pomegranate molasses

(Cooperation is the foundation of success, one hand does not clap, our heritage is our foundation).
With these words, the ladies of (old but gold) categor expressed their appreciation for the recreational activity organized by the Syrian Society for Social Development in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) .
The aim of the activity was to share the experiences of the ladies in making the pomegranate molasses and to develop the spirit of cooperation among them. The number of women was 35 women, we divided the women into groups, one group peeled the pomegranate, another cleaned the peel. The groups of shared its health benefits on the body ,skin and fat burning.
Then, the juice were brought to the fire with the help of SSSD volunteers and we have produced a distinctive and thick pomegranate molasses. The activity was very fun and full of laughter, and some women played songs about pomegranate.
After finishing the work, we provided some drinks and sweets for the ladies to share.