Holidays, Past and Present

Holidays, Past and Present

There are many aspects to the celebration of Eid that vary with time, influenced by the evolution of human society. In days of old, Eid celebrations were certainly very different from what they have become now, but the common factor is the sheer joy felt with the advent of Eid.
Accordingly, on 25 August2018, in Rural Damascus, ‘Adra Industrial Zone, al-Farah CC, SSSD organized, in cooperation with the UNHCR, a session entitled Holidays, Past and Present.
The session, which was held within the Old-But-Gold Program, included 19 elderly women who recalled Eid in the past and compared between past and present holiday celebrations. The aim was to warm the hearts of the elderly who explicitly wished to talk about the ambiance of Eid. The women interacted very well and pleasure was obvious on their faces. We certainly learned a lot from the participants’ sharing of various lovely customs that were common during holidays in the past.