Clean it to make it better

clean it to make it better

In partnership with the Council of the City of Sqailbia and some organizations and institutions in the region, the WASH team at the Syrian Society for Social Development in Hama Governorate carried out a solid waste disposal campaign to raise awareness and to encourage the local community to take care of the cleanliness of the city and not to throw dirt, especially in cultivated land and gardens.
The campaign's title was (clean it to make it better) and targeted 13000 beneficiaries. The campaign was attended by the people of the city and the team. The work was divided into sectors. After the distribution of the protection tools and the necessary materials on the participants, the streets were cleaned and the natural debris (the dry leaves and the broken branches) which caused wounds and prevent traffic to the gardens, in addition to the collection of dirt and insects among them, the waste was removed after the collection to the right place, and the firefighters cleaned the neighborhoods with water, with the spirit of cooperation and joy among everyone.