A Story of a Country

A Story of a Country

The difference of our culture is the secret of the richness of our country.
The Syrian society for Social Development in cooperation with the UNHCR organized the "A Story of a Country" event at Arabesque Community Center in Aleppo on the occasion of the International Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on May 15 in the presence of 112 women from "hear my heart" and "old but gold" programs.
The ladies visited five areas representing a map of Syria spread over 5 rooms to learn about the story of geographical and cultural diversity, they saw the monuments and exhibits,folklore dresses and its agricultural products, and see the songs, the sayings and customs of the heritage, as well as dialogue and competitions in the local dialect in addition to taste of hospitality from each region such as orange, thyme, olives, bread and the Arabic coffee. In conclusion, a molly dance of the Aleppo heritage was performed accompanied by the songs and singing of the ladies.
This event enriched the spirit of belonging to the country and openness to the other to revive the social ties that stimulated the return of the Syrian man to his originality.
"I am five years old. I have not had joy in my heart like today," said one woman from"old but gold" program who lost her son. "I did not sing from a long time, and today your place gave me great joy, especially when I participated in making bread."
Another said: "The center now is just like a sea , I throw all the stones of myconcerns and pain in it and in a lot of meetings comfortable"
And also: "We have known each other more and the provinces and remind us of everything sweet and old."