Self-realization at work


Based on the importance of supporting and empowering young people economically and believing in the need to involve everyone in the recovery of the society according to his desire and based on the need to involve women and enable them to activate their role in building communities in a better way, Syrian Society for Social Development team (SSSD)-Hama office in cooperation with UNFPA in Aman center, carried out men's shaving, knitting and crocheting exercises, These exercises have contributed to raising the abilities of young people in the training of men's shaving and developing their practical abilities to contribute in creating jobs for them, Also for women at the level of training of knitting and crochet in order to provide employment opportunities that enable them to improve the economic level of their families and work to alleviate the psychological pressure they undergo as women in these circumstances, as these opportunities contribute positively to the recovery of societies. In the end, the young trainees presented a volunteer day during which they visited one of the shelter centers in Hama city where they performed haircut and chin shaving, and made hairstyles for the children, men and young people in the center, the female trainees participated in the exhibition "Suriyat" for handicrafts at the Directorate of Culture in Hama to be a start for them in the labor market.