“My School’s my Friend” Campaign

The Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) conducted a joint activity between the teachers and the adolescent students to instill the spirit of participation and joy and to strengthen the bond between the teachers and students. This activity was carried out to tackle school violence prevalence in the local community observed by SSSD team, aiming at moving away from traditional molds of teacher-student relationship.
20 teachers and 12 students were part of the activity.
The activity greatly affected the adolescents; they now see their teachers in new eyes. They got along very well during games.
One child commented, “I have never thought I would witness such a day, at which I could play with my teacher, who had been angry all the time.”
Another child said, “I was surprised to see my teacher, who had been my third grade teacher. Thank you very much for this lovely opportunity.”
As part of the activity, the adolescents were introduced to the sufferings the teachers face while managing big classrooms, up to 60 students per class, and the absence of support jeopardizing the quality of teaching and exerting a lot of pressure on teachers. During the games, the team focused on the idea that it is crucial for students to trust and follow the instructions of the teacher and how it impacts their future.
One teacher said, “When I know how to make the student feel loved and secure, he will like his school. A child is like a seedling and a teacher is like the source of light and nutrients.”