Let’s Walk for Development and Peace

On grounds of the importance of sports on the physical, psychological and social aspects, and the role sports play in boosting ethical and peace values of people;
Out of the belief that it is crucial to strengthen the role sports play in the lives of people, the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) organized an event titled “Let’s Walk for Development and Peace”, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), celebrating the International Day of Sports for Development and Peace.

Let’s Walk for Development and Peace1

The event included: (1) a procession around Citadel of Aleppo, (2) a sports festival organized at Aleppo Citadel Amphitheatre, covering a musical performance by Al-Fourqa Al-Nouhasiyyeh, some sports activities performed by children with special needs, a Taekwondo performance, group dances, a boxing show, a performance by SSSD Choir, honoring of football and basketball teams (males and females).

Let’s Walk for Development and Peace2

The total number of beneficiaries was 1500, including 300 children with special needs and their parents, 1000 males and females aged 12-18 years, 200 SSSD staff (facilitators and other employees).
Some of the comments of the beneficiaries:

  • I have seen many beautiful shows and amazing talents; the children were trained well. It is the first time I witness such shows.”
  • It felt great being honored on stage for winning in the football match tournament. I love my medal.”
  • The event is lovely and well organized; it is held in a beautiful place. I hope more similar events will be held and we would be given the chance to participate in more than one show. It is the first time I visit the citadel.”
  • We learnt discipline, participatory work, and optimism skills by practice and relentless trials until we hit our target.”
  • We acquired new skills being part of the tournament teams and when other teams were honored for winning the first place, we were happy for them as if we ourselves were the winners.”
  • Attending this event, made me realize the importance of sports, and from now on I will practice sports during summer to maintain my physical and psychological wellbeing.”


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