La tehmelni, la tensani… Campaign


Children are the nucleus of society, the seed that we must care for and nurture with attention and love so that it grows and gives the best fruit.
In view of the caregivers’ poor awareness of the dangers of neglect, the team of the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD), in cooperation with the UNHCR, carried out a campaign entitled La tehmelni, la tensani (“Don’t neglect me, don’t forget me…”).
The campaign aimed at raising the awareness of caregivers about the need to care for their children, the importance of this in building the child’s character, the negative effects of neglect on children, family and community, and, finally, the necessity to create opportunities and establish safe and free spaces for interactive, understanding communication between children and parents.
The campaign was carried out throughout December 2018 at the Farah Community Center in ‘Adra, Rural Damascus, and included several sessions for children, adolescents and caregivers.
The sessions tackled the problem of child neglect, its causes and consequences, and explored possible suitable solutions to mitigate it. Tools and activities varied in each session according to the age group and included: shadow theater, motor games, role playing, drama sketches and dialogue.
A special session was also held between adolescents and their parents to create an opportunity for both parties to share views, spend a fun and useful time, and consolidate a positive relationship.