The Hygiene Train - Al-Hamah


On the occasion of the World Handwashing Day, the SSSD WASH team at al-Hameh, Rural Damascus, carried out an activity on hand hygiene entitled the Hygiene Train, which targeted a primary school. The event included various “stations,” each of which teaches the children the proper way and times of handwashing. “Stations” included puppet theater, drawing and coloring, hygiene cheers, a video clip about hand hygiene, face coloring, dancing with cartoon characters, singing and, to crown it all, practical handwashing. The team formed “trains” of children, each train stopping at a “station,” with all children getting off at all stations. The children and school teachers joyfully welcomed the event, at the end of which a bar of soap and a towel were offered to each of the beneficiaries, totaling 200 people.