The Child Protection Club participates in a community-based initiative: Bus Stops at al-Hameh

The Child Protection Club participates in a community-based initiative Bus Stops at al-Hameh

Resource provision to community is a source of tremendous motivation and encouragement towards self-reliance and autonomy. This is definitely SSSD’s approach to the empowerment of affected communities.
In August 2018, the CBI team supported community members at al-Hameh area in identifying their needs and mobilizing their resources and energies to implement the Bus Stops initiative. Community members themselves had proposed this CBI after observing their own trouble and the trouble of the residents of the area in general due to weather variabilities (extreme heat, wind, rain, etc.) while waiting for transportation in the street.
Having gained a strong sense of initiative during their journey over the past two years, the children of the Child Protection Club at al-Hameh took an active part in the implementation of this collective, community-based activity. They took on the task of painting the bus stops, thus playing an important role in making a reliable, long-term impact.