An Awareness Session during Warmth and Love Campaign

Following the observation of the case manager in Al-Hameh area in Qudsaya District of Rif Dimashq, and conducting needs assessment to the children enrolled in the child protection club, SSSD team found out that the level of awareness of the local community toward the side effects of negligence is low and only little attention is paid to the mental scars it causes and the ramifications on children’s emotional health and behavior. Therefore, SSSD team invited the caregivers to attend an awareness session at Salam Community Center, Al-Hameh on 17 March 2019.

The session tackled the stages of child development in terms of characteristics and needs, and the dangers children might go through in case they were neglected, such as, mental scars and their different types, beggary, school dropout, smoking, and acts of misdemeanor. Additionally, the attendees, 25 women were given the chance to talk about the problems they face with their kids and they were guided to meet up with the psychologist to benefit from the comprehensive services of the psychosocial support program and this what indeed several women did upon concluding the session.