Gender-based Violence (SGBV)


SSSD programs and interventions aim at reducing the risks and consequences of sexual and gender-based violence, improve the quality of response, and empower the community to prevent and respond to SGBV.

SSSD intervenes through awareness campaigns on forms and causes of SGBV, as well as on prevention and reporting means, so as to

  • Support positive changes in gender relations, gender parity and non-discrimination, and contribute to ending abusive traditional practices such as early marriage, etc.;
  • Protect women and children from risks within the community, provide beneficiaries with reporting, coping and prevention mechanisms, and disseminate information on referrals and other services available to enable survivors to show up and seek the service they need.

Each campaign consists of a range of activities, each of which includes a specific theme related to GBV. Awareness campaigns and activities are carried out in CCs, CSs, schools, universities, public places, and within communities, targeting women, girls, men, boys and children.