Vocational Training-Carpentry Course, al-Hameh

Vocational Training-Carpentry Course, al-Hameh

In order to empower people and help them generate livelihood opportunities, in addition to enhancing their self-reliance, the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD), in cooperation with UNHCR, organized at al-Hameh, Rural Damascus, a vocational training course to teach the trade of carpentry.
Having started on 5/8/2017 and ended on 1/11/2017, the session included 40 beneficiaries, trained according to a two-shift schedule, morning and evening.
The basic indicator for the training was the market survey that, strikingly, turned to be in need of this trade. Therefore, graduates will be actively linked to employment opportunities.
The training has provided the beneficiaries with new experiences that would help them develop their potential and increase their chances of finding jobs in the future.