Sewing Workshop-Electricity Institute, Adra

Vocational Training Sewing Workshop  Electricity Institute  Adra

The Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) continues to intervene at the Adra al-Balad temporary shelters that had been specially fitted out to accommodate IDPs from East Ghouta.
In order to invest in the residents' former experience and skills, thus supporting community-based solutions, SSSD launched on 7/4/2018 a sewing workshop at the Electricity Institute in the town of Adra.
The workshop recruited 30 women working in the morning shift and 25 men in the evening. Its aim is to manufacture clothes, pajamas and abayas, as well as mosquito nets for the use of shelter residents. To date, 120 pieces have been made already: 30 mosquito nets, 45 abayas, 25 men's pajamas and 20 pairs of trousers, to provide service to 44 children, 40 men and 45 women.
SSSD will continue to serve as many IDPs as possible...