Medical Assistance: A Glimmer of Hope-Rural Banias, Tartous

Mona, a young woman with multiple sclerosis, benefited from the wheelchair that was offered to her by SSSD in Tartous. Monitored by ORVs in the village of al-‘Aleiqa, she was referred to the Medical Assistance Program.
Mona lives with her 75-year-old mother. She was in dire need of a wheelchair to relieve her from her mobility issue, especially because her large size and overweight made it impossible for her mother to help her unassisted. When she received the wheelchair, she affirmed that it was for them akin to a “caregiver,” assisting them with mobility and meeting their needs on a regular basis.
The SSSD team, who communicate regularly with the family, responded to Mona’s request to take her out in a stroll on the wheelchair, just as she used to do before her illness. So, she went out accompanied by them, enjoying the scenery and expressing, time and again, her heartfelt gratitude to the SSSD team for the better-quality life they offered her.