Joy and Peace March

Joy and Peace March

“I have not been out of this home for a long time now, but today I am so happy to be with you,” said one of the beneficiaries from Dar al-Karama for the Elderly, after participating in the activities of the International Day of Peace. The event was organized by SSSD in Damascus, in cooperation with the UNHCR, as part of the Old-But-Gold Program, in celebration of the International Day of Peace on 16 September 2018.
15 seniors participated in the event that featured a “Joy and Peace March”: SSSD volunteers, the beneficiaries from Dar al-Karama, along with the young of the Mentoring Program, marched from the Home towards Bab Sharqi, carrying peace slogans and roses they offered to passersby in the garden, raising their voices everywhere with songs celebrating Joy and Peace.