Child Marriage

“Even though I am happy with my life and my husband provides me with everything I need. Due to the fact that my parents forced me into marriage at the age of 15, I find myself against the idea of child marriage,” according to a beneficiary from Aman Community Center, Zibdiyye, Aleppo. She added, “They told me my body developed to a woman’s body at a very young age and guys were after me on the streets; thus, I was forbidden from going to school.”
In cooperation with UNFPA, SSSD launched a campaign titled “Child Marriage” to raise awareness about the negative ramifications of early marriage and prevent the hazards. The campaign included several awareness activities, introductory activities to child marriage, and the distribution of gifts and print-outs illustrating the concepts of child marriage. During the campaign, the mobile team collected data about the opinions of Zibdiyye inhabitants on child marriage.
300 beneficiaries at different ages expressed their positive opinions of the campaign:
“I am against child marriage. When the girl is very young, she needs to be taught how to care for a baby or even hold a responsibility.”
“I oppose child marriage, even though people say that this generation has high levels of awareness. I still think it is not enough, awareness does not mean that the child is capable of holding up to a huge responsibility bigger than her physical and intellectual energies.”
“I am against this idea, it is unjust to the girl. Her choice might not be as proper as an adult.”