“Blessing of Life” event


It is our solemn duty today to honor Seniors-this group that played its part in community work and production, as well as its domestic role-by returning them the favor with the honors and appreciation they deserve. Accordingly, the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD), in cooperation with the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), held on October 1 a celebration on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons entitled the Blessing of Life, in Damascus (Dar al-Karama for Elderly Care), Rural Damascus (the Farah CC, ‘Adra) and Sweida (the Nabd CC, Salkhad).
As part of the Old-But-Gold Program, the event honored 110 elderly people and included several entertainment parts: drama sketches, folk poetry (zajal), competitions and games, a medical quiz, traditional songs, ‘ud playing and the Storyteller (hakawati), and was concluded by offering sweets and a little present to each of the beneficiaries.
Seniors participated in the event with hearts filled with joy and smiling faces. The celebration had a great impact on them as they were truly overwhelmed with this sense of appreciation and love they yearn for.