I Achieved My Dream

RN, a 17-year-old girl, dropped out of school to work with her mother and help her provide for the rest of the family, due to her father’s health condition that left him unemployed.

The girl was referred to the Case Management Programme (CMP), where it was suggested that she should continue in the 9th grade courses, since it was observed that R N was smart and determined to complete her studies. Evening courses were the most convenient to her, and she was provided with the stationery and books needed.

Hence, she started attending the intensive courses during the first and second semesters, then continued in the pre-exam courses.

Before committing to the educational activities, Rama was an introverted and hopeless girl, especially that she was one of the GBV cases.

However, she was followed up by the CMP. Additionally, her commitment was followed up, and her papers were submitted to the Ministry of Education (MoE) so that she could take the High School certificate exam.

Rama pursued her studies very hard, and gained the will and determination to continue her studies despite all the difficulties she faced. She also had classmates to discuss and exchange ideas about studying as well as other things. When it was time to take the exam, Rama was filled with confidence and gave her very best.

Eagerly awaiting the results, everyone at the center was filled with joy once Rama’s results came out, as she had had excellent grades that qualified her to continue her high school studies. Her joy was tremendous, and she hugged us with tears of joy in her eyes. She thanked us for believing in her potential and encouraging her.

She never thought of continuing her studies after she dropped out of school. It was a difficult dream for her to attain, and we helped her achieve it.

Rama is now committed to the Center's courses until she passes the Junior High literary official exam.

Her new dream is to graduate from university in hopes of becoming a teacher and helping girls who are going through the same circumstances and difficulties she faced.