Educational Support: Educational session for the nine-grade dropout children “Electronic Device Distribution” – Amal Community Center, Aleppo

Based on our role in developing human thought and clarifying and simplifying scientific concepts, and in response to the multiple questions that revolve in the minds of our children, the team of the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees at the Amal Community Center in Aleppo, implemented an educational session for the ninth grade dropout children entitled “Distribution of Electrons".


After the session, the children were able to distribute the electrons in their different numbers to the seven energy levels. The session included a stereoscopic presentation of the atom's electrons, kinetic competitions, a demonstration video presentation, and a representative scene that included replaying and summing up the session information.


Some of the children comments after the session included:

"The video that we watched looks like a fictional world. I really enjoyed watching that atoms and electrons spinning everywhere around us."

"I now can correctly distribute electrons, no matter how large their number is."