Child-friendly Space: Activity to introduce adolescents to Humanitarian Concepts: Leaving My Mark in the Community – Al-Wudheihi Community Space, Aleppo

Given the importance of spreading the idea of humanitarian and community work, and the need to familiarize adolescents with its concept, objectives, types, and positive results, and to involve them in setting milestones in their society.


The Child Friendly Space implemented an activity entitled (My fingerprint within my community) in the Al Wadhihi community space in cooperation with the Syrian Society for Social Development and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.


The activity started with a brainstorm about adolescents’ information that they have about humanitarian work, followed by a video clip about community work, and a discussion of a set of questions about the mechanism of identifying problems in societies, ways to solve them, and types of community initiatives, then showing images that describe the concept of initiatives.


The activity concluded with two initiatives, where the young people made flowers from handicrafts and distributed them to the workers in the community space in appreciation of their efforts. Then, they went on to clean the neighborhood and the garbage baskets on the street and put clean new bags inside them.


The children interacted during the activity and shared their opinions with us, saying:

"Being a part of society means that we are active people, not mere watchers."

"We learned today that we can leave an imprint in our society even with just a nice word and a caring initiative."

"When we become united within the society we can actually fix any problem we are facing. All problems and worries pale in the face of our unity."