Child Protection: Meeting with members of the Child Protection Club and Committee – Shams Community Center, Aleppo

Because the society, with its various categories and segments, has a lot of capabilities and is able to overcome the difficulties it faces, the Child Protection Team carried out a lengthy meeting that included members of the Child Protection Club and Committee at Shams Community Center.

The objective of the meeting is to build individuals' capacities, enhance their role in developing and raise awareness of their communities, and propose future plans to work with the idea of sustainable development.

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The meeting included a reminder of the importance of their role in empowering their communities, in addition to an open dialogue about future plans that will help activate their role more, and some games that help focus on the values of cooperation and listening.


Among the outputs that resulted in the meeting was a proposal to conduct awareness sessions in a house that the neighborhood mayor presents to the association free of charge to help the people of the area of Tarik Al Bab


This meeting took place in cooperation between the Syrian Society for Social Development and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The participants in the meeting expressed their enthusiasm to help the people of their


area in various ways. They said:

"Today was a new step in our journey to accomplish out big because of which we are all here gathered."

"I am very satisfied with the plans we proposed, and I will try to implement them because I am convinced they can be really useful."

"Such meetings are great as they really help us to remember how important our role is in our regions"