A Story of Success …

Saturday 4 February, 2017

A Story of Success … Fawaz, a man from Al-Hosn, married to three women, and has 10 children to support along with his 12 missing brothers' children. Fawaz used to work fifteen hours a day to provide food and shelter for his large family, yet, poverty and hunger were stronger than him and always fought back since he returned to his hometown after he was displaced to Tartous. Fawaz heard of the micro-credit projects grants from one of his cousins - who is an ORV in Al-Hosn - by SSSD and in corporation with UNHCR. Therefore, Fawaz applied a form for the training held in his town in the area of his expertise – glass manufacturer and installment workshop –, which is a very successful and qualitative project because there is not any similar workshops in town. In addition to encouraging families wishing to reintegrate to return to Al-Hosn after knowing that such projects are open and in business now. Fawaz started his micro-credit projects training to prepare for the grant that will help improve his life and provide psychological and financial stability. Later, the committee chosen to evaluate the projects approved his project. After purchasing necessary equipments assisted by ORVs in Al-Hosn, Fawaz was given the necessary raw materials to start his project – 190 square meters of raw glass-, in addition to necessary equipments such as the special diamond made to cut through glass, special rulers and angles. Fawaz then hired a workshop and a warehouse to store the goods. Shortly, Fawaz started working in town charging reasonable prices and providing proper income for his family and better way of life, which enhanced his relation with his family. When they were asked about it, comfort and happiness was obvious through the voices of his family and people of the town. When SSSD TEAM and UNHCR representative visited his workshop for the first time, Fawaz was delighted and grateful that his workshop is now in business and thankful for UNHCR and SSSD to give him the chance to make his life and the lives of his family better.