Temporary shelters need assessment

The Governorate of Hama, in cooperation with the Directorate of Education, allocated 30 schools adjacent to the Idlib Governorate in the areas of ShatHa, Squelbieh, MHardeh, M‘ardes, Suran and Tibet al-Imam to serve as temporary shelters for people displaced from Idlib.

The SSSD team effectuated visits to 21 schools, evaluated the situation thereat and assessed the needs in terms of capacity and all the necessary equipment to convert the schools into temporary shelters and ensure each family’s safety and privacy. The conditions of electricity installations and water and sanitation facilities (showers, washbasins, latrines, faucets), water installations (water infrastructure, number of water points, tanks, taps, mixers, heaters) and equipment for solid waste management were also thoroughly inspected.

SSSD has joined forces with government agencies, such as community leaders (headmen), municipalities (mayors), directorates (social affairs and labor, education) and other government departments in the governorates, to enable them to respond at all levels and achieve the desired goal.