Persons with Specific Needs


Persons with disabilities are people who suffer from certain forms of physical, mental, sensory or psychosocial disability, which, through interaction with other handicaps, may impair their full and effective participation in community on an equal basis with others.

Whether disability is permanent or temporary, it usually increases a person’s vulnerability to protection-related risks.

In conflicts and crises, people with disabilities are usually the most vulnerable, as they are often neglected and less likely to have access to basic and other needs.

That is why providing in-kind assistance with medical aids allows for rapid responses to the needs of the concerned to eliminate or reduce risks.

Medical aids are important rehabilitation tools and part of a long-term home care. They aim to reduce the impact of disability and to preserve the dignity of persons with temporary or permanent disabilities.

Medical aids cover a flexible list of materials and equipment based on the emergency needs of people of interest through ORVs’ visits, FGDs or direct visits to the CC.