Wardrobe Making - CBI

Wardrobe Making

“THEY make up one half of society”—On the basis of this fact, and believing in the crucial role of women, and in order to enhance the community’s participation in finding solutions to their problems and meeting their needs, the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) conducted on 03/10/2018 in Rural Damascus, in cooperation with the UNHCR, a community-based initiative (CBI) entitled Wardrobe Making.
The idea of the CBI emerged during a focus group discussion (FGD) session held with women, displaced and heads-of-household, in which they raised the problem of storing clothes in bags after washing them because there were no wardrobes in their homes. In the meantime, clothes had been exposed to wear and mold as a result of rodents and moisture.
20 women participated in the CBI and made 20 wardrobes with the help of beneficiaries of the Vocational Training and Livelihood Toolkits Program. The women’s enthusiasm was remarkable; so was their keen desire to experiment in totally new things. The CBI fostered a spirit of cooperation among women, establishing the skill of dialogue by accepting the different views that were presented regarding work proceedings, not to mention the experience the women gained in woodworking.
Every participant ended possessing a wardrobe for her family, increased her sense of responsibility and confidence in her ability to contribute in supporting her family and, last but not least, felt a great joy when the wardrobe was finished!