Vocational Training: Closing of Confectionery and Chef Courses, Damascus

The Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with UNHCR, organized courses on the basics of confectionary (both oriental and international) for beginners and advanced, cuisine chef courses, and specialized courses on candy making (chocolate), with 124 beneficiaries. The pioneers of these courses are the community center beneficiaries, some of whom referred by the CCs case managers (CP, GBV and PSS psychologists).
The closing ceremony included the distribution of certificates to the beneficiaries, in addition to the printed training booklet. Some participants shared their experience with the attendees:
Ms. Umm Ali: “I’m one of the women who returned to Ghouta... Through training, we learned to exchange love as much as we learned the craft skills… It was as if we were one family, despite the trainees’ great diversity... Though the restaurant is far away from my house, I was always the first to arrive because I was so eager to learn and I enjoyed the lovely relationship between us, the trainees... And there are many like me!”
Ms. B.Q.: “I’m my household head and have two daughters... The training had a great impact on my family and material situation. I became a professional and an income-generating person, since I worked after the training in sweet-making. I work at home and distribute my products to shop owners in the Jaramana district. My new work helped me meet the household needs and follow up on my girls’ schooling.”
Ms. S.: “I could hardly imagine the course would end! I came to have many friends. We helped each other and kept in contact, even though each is from a different place and environment… I’ve had a successful interview with the restaurant manager and will be working in the restaurant. This was a great boost to my self-confidence.”
It is noteworthy that, according to the evaluation, some of the beneficiaries have been networked with the labor market, with three possibilities: working at home, working at the Zeus Restaurant, and working in confectionary shops in the Jaramana district.