Ramadan Tales

Ramadan Tales

Evenings in Ramadan have a sweetness of their own and words have a special perfume. As we, in SSSD, believe that a perfumed word can unfold a smile in a soul, and based on SSSD’s basic role in psychosocial support, the SSSD team, in cooperation with UNHCR, organized gatherings on May 18 and 25 and June 1 under the title Ramadan Tales. In fact, these were part of the Hear-My-Heart psychosocial support sessions and took place at the temporary shelters in Adra.
The sessions included 676 male beneficiaries and simply aimed to bring pleasure to their hearts. To that effect, several recreational activities were proposed, the highlight of which was the very popular storyteller (hakawati) character, so famous in the Levant in days of old. The beneficiaries were fascinated by the storyteller’s exciting style and thrilled at the events of the story. The sessions also included other recreational activities, which were a source of great appreciation and sheer delight, explicitly expressed by the attendees.