Sunday 7 May, 2017

Peace Cycle Rally II ... Homs‎‏.

Sunday 7 May, 2017

In a purposeful initiative of the Syrian Society for Social Development to promote joy and peace that every honorable Syrian deserves, the second Peace Cycle Rally that took place in the Homs governorate on 28 April 2017 was an impressive spectacle to watch: about 700 bicycles moving together like a wave in a remarkable organization and coordination. The core of the event was born when SSSD joined efforts with Helm-Kun Group and UNHCR Syria . The event was supported by the Syrian Civil Society Forum, the Faces team, Mada Cultural Project, Nature Without Borders, IT Advice team, with the participation of the Da‘set Bicyclette team, Salamieh , as well as cooperation and coordination with the competent administrative authorities in the city of Homs. D-Day started with a large influx of participants, arriving with their bikes, and the arrival of the other teams’ coaches carrying participants and bicycles from the provinces of Damascus, Tartous, and the city of Salamieh. The meeting point was the 8 March Roundabout, where the SSSD team attended since 8 am to distribute mineral water bottles, caps with the SSSD, UNHCR, and Helm-Kun logos, a self-adhesive badge with the participant’s number, in addition to white balloons, a symbol of peace, to each participant. Then the start signal was given at the 8 March Roundabout. The course of the rally went through the University Campus, Jouret al-‘Arayes, the Baba Amr Bridge, Brazil Street, al-Hamra, al-Ghouta, al-Dablan. After a 10-minute-break at the New Clock Tower, the bikes continued towards the Old Clock Tower, al-Hamidia, Kaab al-Ahbar Mosque, al-Zahra Square, al-Zahra Street, the 60th Street, ending at the Starting point, 8 March Roundabout. The rallying bikes were accompanied by traffic police cars, technicians for emergency breakdowns, and SSSD vehicles to organize and guide the process. Thus, the Peace Cycle Rally II proved to the whole world that the city of Homs is still full of life, that the hearts of her sons still pulsate with the love of Syria all the time.

Wednesday 1 February, 2017

Mr. Filippo Grandi's Visit to the Jibreen CS

Wednesday 1 February, 2017

During his tour in the city of Aleppo on Feb 2, 2017, Mr. #Filippo Grandi, High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees, with an accompanying delegation from the Commission #UNHCR, visited the Syrian Society for Social Development #SSSD office at the temporary collective shelter of #Jebreen. The tour included a briefing on SSSD activities provided for IDPs, including children, women and persons with special needs, which aim to alleviate the suffering of people affected by the Syrian crisis and create a space for future hope, as part of the cooperation agreement between SSSD and UNHCR. Mr. Grandi visited one of the children (10-12 years) sessions, which was about “Children pledge to work together.” He sat down next to them and spoke with them. Later on, he expressed his impressions saying: “The impact of the sessions is clear on children in the way they welcome visitors, in their openness to them, their satisfaction, and signs of delight obvious on their faces.” He also visited three families, who have persons with special needs and are accompanied by SSSD, and listened to their stories, learned about their urgent needs and what is provided to them. He was deeply impressed by the women’s determination and felt pained by their hardships, suffering and many needs. “The reason for my visit is to remind the world of the need to pay attention to the humanitarian needs of the Syrians,” he said.

Thursday 7 February, 2013

Maggi Cooking Lessons at the KBW Juvenile Centre

Thursday 2 February, 2012

Starting from Monday Jan. 15, 2012 Nestle, thru it Maggi section, will start to give cooking lessons to the inmates of the KBW juvenile centre every Monday and Wednesday from 11:00-13:00.

All of you are invited to follow the lessons especially the ladies.

Certificates will be given at the end of each course!!!

“Coming Back” Program

Monday 16 January, 2012

Coming Back is a Victim Empathy Program (VEP) that was started at the KBW centre on Dec 17, 2011. It is a new program still under experimentation, implemented for the first time in Syria and in the Arab world. It was adapted from the program developed by Prison Fellowship Netherlands.

The first group of 16 finished the 6 sessions program covering 15 hours over a period of two weeks.

The second group started the program on Jan. 5, 2012. The program will cover eventually all the inmates.

The first response of the inmates was great, with a lot of interaction, and interest.

Basic changes in the thinking towards offenses and victims were noted, preparing them for a “Come Back” to society . The inmates wanted to continue the program as a group.