Awareness Raising Sessions about COVID-19 Khaled Ibn Al-Walid Institute for Juvenile Delinquents, Rural Damascus

With the aim of raising awareness about COVID-19 and encouraging adolescents to follow healthy, proper practices and avoid unhealthy practices, the team of the Syrian Society for Social Development conducted awareness raising sessions titled “Protect yourself and others from Infection” as part of the Child Protection Program in Khaled Ibn Al Waleed Institute, Rural Damascus.


The sessions included preventive steps against the virus, such as, maintaining one’s personal hygiene and the correct way of washing hands. In addition to providing some information about ways of infection and prevention.


A group of volunteers, who had attended an awareness session facilitated by doctors and specialists, were responsible for conducting the adolescent sessions. They ensured conveying the right information to the beneficiaries.


The adolescents said that the sessions corrected some wrong conceptions and gave them the chance to discuss and inquire.