Protection event: “I have the right to learn”Al-Salam Community Center


Education is a fundamental right of the child.A child begins to learn from the moment of birth through the special care and attention they receive from caregivers, who help to develop his/her mind. This stage is the cornerstone of transition to other stages.
The school is the most important of these stages: the child begins to explore the world around him, learn from his surroundings by integrating with other children and playing with them. He also learns the basics of writing, drawing and the arts, which enhances the growth of his mental abilities and the acquisition of the relevant skills to build one’s character.
The Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD), in cooperation with the UNHCR, organized at al-Salam CC, al-Hameh, a campaign that included several awareness-raising sessions on the importance of learning to the child as a basic right. This campaign was concluded on September 30, 2018, by an event reiterating the most important messages conveyed throughout the campaign.
The campaign aimed to stimulate the children’s desire to reintegrate schooling, specifically by building a relation with the school through a different kind of relationship between children and their teachers. This helps to change the child’s negative feelings towards school and ignite in them the desire to commit to it.
The school administration reported that SSSD was the first NGO to intervene in the school because of the geographical remoteness and the difficulty of access to it. One good reaction to the campaign was demonstrated in the explicit desire to organize similar campaigns by other schools of the area, whose principals contacted al-Salam CC for that purpose.