Awareness raising campaign about Risk of school violence


Out of the belief of children’s right to free-of-violence- education, the child protection team of the Syrian Society for Social Development conducted an awareness session for 22 teachers at Farah Community Center, Adra Industrial City, as part of a campaign titled “My School, My 2nd Home”. The session was conducted on 26 March 2019 to prevent the proliferation of school violence, based on collected data from the center’s case manager and the children enrolled in the child protection club.

The session raised awareness about the adverse effects of school violence, especially on the wellbeing of children. Teachers’ reactions toward the facilitation tools (a group game, brainstorming, discussion and dialogue, and display of photos) were positive, the tools helped them recall negative experiences with their teachers. “the negative experiences I faced should prohibit me from repeating the same negative acts with my students,” one teacher attending the session commented.
The teachers talked about some alternative solutions to replace school violence (verbal and physical), namely, constructing effective communication with children based on their age group and directing children’s energy toward beneficial actions and useful deeds. They affirmed the importance of conducting regular meetings to discuss in depth the adverse effects of violence and learn about the means of effective communication. They also expressed their willingness to meet up with students’ parents in the upcoming months during the sessions of the campaign.
It is worth noting that at an early stage of the planning of the campaign, many teachers had opposed the idea of the campaign, considering it pointing fingers toward them, accusing them of being violent with the students. However, the team managed to persuade them, after conducting several visits to the schools throughout the local community. The team explained the real spirit of the campaign and the dire need for it, and stressed the critical role of the teachers in limiting this negative phenomenon and coming up with alternatives, given the fact that they are the major players who contribute to the children’s future.